God of war - Kratoms Leviathan Axe

$165 $350
Norse Axe, Axe, Norse Axe, Celtic Axe, Battle Axe, War Axe, Gift For Him God Of War - Kratos Leviathan Axe, Norse Viking Axe, Customized Axe

Overall length: 40" inches
Head length: 12.21 inches
Cutting edge: 9.60 inches
Material: Stainless steel
Handle material: rosewood
Blade hardness: 54-58 HRC
Blade sharpness: Razor ground
Accessories: Premium leather case

The handle comes from Ash and Rosewood Tree. Shaft treated with oil. The cutting edge is forged. I will consider any of your suggestions for a custom order. The size of the blades is indicated in the description,

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