Custom Gift Forged Carbon Steel Viking Axe Hatchet Rose Wood Shaft

forged Carbon steel Hatchet axe additionally comes with custom Engraving, Etching and Carving having excessive fine. . We additionally offer custom made Axes as nicely.

Hand axe With the leather wrap at the manage. handmade awl head with carving pattern. handle comes from Ash and Rosewood Tree. Shaft handled with oil. i will consider any of your pointers in custom order. As you recognize the can't be really much like the only you notice inside the images because of exceptional timber texture, and many others,, however high-quality stays!

when developing my product. I care a good deal for the quality so the procedure is pretty long for the custom order.
I'm able to reproduce on the blade the symbol, picture, runes, etc.,, that conjures up you maximum. you make a decision what to etch on the blade.

The remarkable issue is that I'm able to personalize the awl for you. Your initials will look super on the blade.
To get now not handiest an artistically designed awl. I used Carbon metal for its production
And for the take care of cloth I used Ash timber. The timber combines strength, flexibility and texture. The wood is chosen cautiously no longer for its texture, however also for the place of the wooden in order that the awl handle isn't handiest harmoniously regarded. however additionally strong sufficient. The handle of the awl is blanketed with oil with hard wax, Emphasizing the herbal beauty of the timber. The more energy to the manage of the axe.
I take advantage of a technique of etching metal in salt water to put drawing on the axe so it is able tot be erased even after one hundred Years.


common length= 19 Inches

Blade length = Over 5"

Ash wooden , Carbon metal ,leather-based Wrap on cope with

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