Authentic Hand-Forged Viking Sword Replica - Norse Collector's Blade with Leather-Wrapped Handle.

$179 $350
Immerse yourself in ancient Norse history with this beautiful hand-forged replica Viking sword. Crafted by skilled craftsmen, every detail of this blade captures the essence of legendary Viking warriors.

Carefully crafted from high quality materials, this sword boasts a robust stainless steel blade that showcases the signature hammered finish, replicating the craftsmanship of the era. Its sharp edges allow for an impressive display of power and precision.

The hilt of the sword has an intricately designed handle covered in leather that provides optimal grip and comfort. Its authentic capital and shield feature Norse-inspired carvings, further enhancing its historic appeal.

This collector's item is limited edition, which increases its rarity and value. Whether you're a history buff, sword collector, or fan of Viking lore, this hand-forged replica Viking sword is the perfect addition to your collection. Display it proudly on the wall or display it in your study for a fascinating conversation piece.

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the Vikings and their legendary weapons with this carefully crafted Norse inspired sword. Enhance your collection and enjoy the timeless charm of ancient Nordic heritage.
Overall length of sword: ~36 inches
Blade length: ~ 27 inches
Handle length: ~9 inches

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