The Original custom hand forged pizza Axe Cutter

$98 $180
The original handmade pizza of the ax, the pizza cut of the Viking ax, the Norse myth, the symbol of Rune Odin, the bearded camp axe

Forged Viking fist ax made of carbon steel. The engraving is of high quality. This is a very useful tool.
Hand-forged ax with wooden handle

Axe size:
Cutting edge - 6;
Handle length - 12; centimeter
Total length - 5.5 inches
Weight - 1.1 kg

A good forest pocket ax is easy to carry in any home and is a very useful tool for everyday use. The ax is sharp and ready to work. The ax is suitable for cutting wood, ax, and firewood, and can also be used for cutting chicken and other camping activities, etc.

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